Getting Started

Welcome and hello!

Let me be the first to congratulate you on your decision to learn how to program.

I believe everyone can and should learn how to code. The most important step is finding a teacher or tutorial that you connect with and understand.

I remember back when I was first learning how to code and reading guides/books/tutorials, I kept thinking "How is this used in the real world, or what's the point of this".

My goal is for you to never feel that way. My approach to teaching is a hands on one. Instead of learning the theories of how things work, I try to teach by using real world problems and solutions.

We will be creating some useful, and fun code which you can customize, and use in your daily life! (especially if you are bad at decision making like me)

If you finish this guide and understand what we did and why, you will have obtained the core fundamentals of programming. The lessons you will learn are invaluable, take and build upon them and create something awesome!

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